About us

The Laxmidas Brothers Group traces its origin to the year 1955. Thanks to the vision and relentless energy of its founding fathers, Laxmidas has weathered many a storm and traversed several vicissitudes during the four decades of its existence. The Group’s prime activity at the time of its foundation was in matchstick and wheat and flour, both wholesale and retail. Today a cohesive group of a consortium of plywood and allied industries such as fevicol, matchstick, melamine wood, particle board, coated sheets, block and soft board , LB FLOORING, LB STRAND BOARD and Hotel LB form the core of the Group under the flagship of Laxmidas Brothers.

With an excellent customer – service network, coupled with rare dynamism, the Group was able to achieve the highest sales in matchstick and plywood from throughout India. Awards for sales and customer awareness only followed logically from Indian Plywood Manufacturing, a prestigious association for plywood manufacturers.  But the Group did not rest on its laurels.  In deference to the wishes of customers for a stronger and more lasting equation and also due to the Group’s indomitable urge to reach out towards new horizons, the Group decided to diversify its business activities into manufacturing contracts and distribution throughout the country.

Financial Strength :

The hallmark of Laxmidas Bros. is its sound financial base created out of its own capital resources, coupled with a very high market credibility and reputation.  With its high standing in the related industry, the availability of finance has never been an insurmountable task for Laxmidas and never has the need arisen to seek public deposits or bank/institutional finance so far. Today the group boasts of Rs 300 million equity and also a debt free group.

The Last Decade :

Laxmidas’s intrinsic strength and vitality lies in its carefully blended personalised service and customer orientation. In Laxmidas every client is treated with special care and attention and is bestowed with the status of a VVIP.  Clients naturally, speak in glowing terms about Laxmidas’s performance and so does the corporate growth curve. Clients cannot but help coming back to Laxmidas for further business activities.  Little doubt then that Laxmidas has earned the sobriquet “your favourite supplier”.  Today Laxmidas is synonymous with plywood in India.

Apart from its involvement in supplying of Matchstick and Building Materials, Hotel LB, Laxmidas is constantly examining the possibilities of widening the ambit of its allied services to include other related activities.

In its relentless quest for excellence and reaching towards new horizons Laxmidas believes in consolidating on the synergies of such services and against this background Laxmidas Bros. is constantly interacting with fellow manufacturers and trade giants and has emerged as a prominent lead player in the fora of the relevant trade associations.

Enlightened Corporate Philanthropy :

Inspired by the teachings of the Vedas it has been the cornerstone of the Laxmidas Group corporate doctrine to reach out to the vulnerable sections of society.  Based on this enlightened corporate philanthropy, the Laxmidas Group has been involved in several community service activities and philanthropic work.

Whenever approached the Laxmidas Group has also readily provided financial and other material assistance to educational institutions and hospitals run by charitable organisations.

The Team and the Vision :

Behind the success of Laxmidas is a dedicated and highly motivated team operating under enlightened and inspired leadership pledged to total quality service.  Laxmidas’s mission towards new horizons has seen the entry of professionals of proven merit and excellent track record into the service of the Group.  Today, like Prometheus unbound, your favourite manufacturers faces the future with dedication, determination and confidence in reaching out towards new horizons in seeking fresh pastures inspired by the vision of achieving top honours in its quest for corporate excellence.